Trustworthy public AI services: the citizen perspective

August 2018 – Oct 2018

Main task: Qualitative analysis and research paper writing

Role: project researcher

Company: Aalto University


During the Citizen Trust through AI Transparency, we reached important information: what are the concerns and needs of residents of Finland towards public AI services. We decided, that the results are worth spreading the word, therefore, I decided to publish them for the scientific conference. 

My actions:

I joined Aalto University as the project researcher to work on this project supervised by prof. Marjo Kauppinen. We started by conducting a systematic qualitative analysis of the results from the project. We used the grounded theory approach: we did not state any theory apriori but discovered the main topics of results during analysing and labelling the results. Later, I wrote the scientific paper describing our findings.


The paper “Trustworthy AI Services in the Public Sector: What Are Citizens Saying About It?” (download the preprint here) got accepted to the REFSQ 2021: Requirements Engineering: Foundation for Software Quality conference and is now published. In the meantime, I also presented the work results during the following events: