Moments. Intro and week 2-8.08

Welcome to my moments. A series to celebrate small parts of the week that happened, my contribution to the practice of gratefulness and memorizing life moments. As a digital kid, writing those in blog format was somehow always easier than on paper (nevertheless, paper is still there for me for special occasions). As an anxious woman (working on that!), it’s easier to put them here than on Social Media. I hope to publish those weekly – but time will show how good am I in that :). And for now, welcome to my

Week of the 2nd of August

The week before that was… difficult. It was full of hints and shouting symptoms that the burnout is too close to me. And that’s what made me so surprised, that suddenly on Monday I got energy that I was missing. Starting the cake, *almost* ironing the clothes, that laid on the couch for a week (and were in my wardrobe for a veeery long time waiting for their ironing turn 😅 not this time yet 🙈). And working at university. That went… smoothly 🙂

Common visitors to Taffa – student restaurant. They stayed with me after hours – they eating leftovers, me taking a breath and look at them :).

The mixture cake: of old – apple and black currant jams from the last year (I am in the process of making space for new harvest :)) and new – currants and gooseberries picked a day before.

On Tuesday we made Saturday that we missed ;). Mary came to Finland which called for spending some time outdoors! (I mean the plan was to go for a few days, but hey, it’s never too easy, great to have one day out too!). We went to Liesjarvi, had a bit of canoeing and definitely too much food. Finished up by picking up a new lamp for our new colleague and freezing in the Baltic Sea.

That day I got another reminder of – hey, it’s not good yet. Do you know the feeling of 1) a great connection with someone and happiness of interactions with them? And 2) the one, in which you think that whatever other person does is bad and you don’t like it and generally everyone is stupid? On Tuesday I was 1) for the first hours, then jumped smoothly to 2). What saved me was… freezing-swimming alone in the Baltic sea in silence, when everyone was already shaking outside. Who would think 😉

Mary and blueberries and the dessert materials – grilled bananas with melted chocolate.
When it’s summer but it’s also Helsinki’s Baltic Sea area 😉 The type of moves you do then.
Uhm. The rocks were warm and we were cold.
And the sunset as a cherry on the top <3
And a second sunset from some building 🙂

The next part of the week I spent working on the project that was supposed to end on Friday, then on Wednesday, then on next Friday and… it’s still not done #teamwork #wrongexpectationsmanagement. The nice part – I moved to Pasila to “plantsit” at my friends’ place, who went out for vacation. I love their place, the working station, and balcony garden! Immediately on the first day though I also started missing the smell of forest (especially comparing to a new asphalt road 😅) and silent surroundings. For a sensory rest you either need to close your windows or go further to some park.

There’s something strange in me that makes me enjoy changing workplaces 🙂 Especially when I get such a screen <3
Best types of evenings: p1
Memorizing the moments of first months in Finland, where we would get creeped out by the number of bunnies and size of heirs around 😀
charms (?!) of Pasila…
The upper-pedestrian city above the roads
Where Slush happens

The evenings can be lovely though 🙂 The bunnies are somewhere in the dark.

I also met with my supervisor (got a nice meeting!), missed meetings with friends due to work that wasn’t done as it should be, steamed off with a beautiful sunset, enjoyed some bad decisions, water in my hood, art gallery, and warming up at the couch in the super nice cafe. Also talking with our friend and getting some of his emotions on me #empathy.

The climate awareness installation outside the Oodi library – more in the post on Fb/Insa.
best place to lose the steam after a week <3

My favorite bridge in town
And favority types of evenings p.2 – eating best breakfast on the dinner 😀 (wraps with scrambled eggs, pickles, garlic mayo, salad, dill)
The bad decisions I mentioned 🙂

And the museum bits. Not extraordinary, but also a big part of it was music – which at points for me was a bit hurtful (I am oversensitive to high sounds). Nicest parts of it was how people were becoming part of the exhibition by interacting with it 🙂

My piece of art.
And someone’s 🙂
Would you dare to stand under the big rock? (I almost did ;))
The games in art galleries are the best! ðŸĪŠ
When your friends have a projector and you watch Lekko Stronniczych on the big screen 😂
And fighting off Saturday scaries and awful take-away food, while dancing on the rocks with the view on Pasila. I am experimenting with some short fastings, this time it was almost needed 😅
That would be it, g’night!

And reflection note on this post: got to find a way to write that faster 😀 (put fewer photos!), make the photo layout nicer (?) and add some automation: centred photos and another font for captions.