Moments. Week 6-12.09.

The week that has passed ultimately fast. That started with travel and anxiety, then moved to great energy, a smile, and calmness – and ended with the tiresome and fluctuations between happiness and sadness. Ta daa 😉 But there is a lot I am grateful about!

Monday the 6th

I am grateful for having the PhD introductive talks on this day – I can finalize packing, cleaning and last shopping, while I keep on participating in the work calls :). Also, the thing, that covid made so much better for me (as of: fortune in a big misfortune) – I tend to focus much better on talks when I can do something else with my hands or walk.

And lastly – coming back home. This time empty home, cleaned so well by Husam. It was good to meet him at least :). Dima took longer with his friend in Karelia, and then went for another sauna stop, this time Sompasauna by the early morning. On the way back by plane I could see beautiful islands of Turku Archipelago – this time I even recognized the way we were cycling a few months before 🙂

Down left at the end of the bay – the best restaurant in the area and public grill, our hidden spot <3
middle right (hardly seen, sorry!) there is a bridge to Nagu
Down right – ferry Pargas – Nagu 🙂
And here’s mine in Pargas 🙂

Tuesday – a “private” day and a good come back to work. Wednesday – we got guests! And evening of Polish heart (or mum), with some green-vegan heart introductions and amazing Syrian cooking skills <3! Oh, and Greek Olives and Ukrainian Vaccine… 🙄

no, I don’t know. 😅
My photo skilss, when everyone’s hungry after sauna 🙂
Just act normal, come on, do something, BUT SHOW ME THIS VODKA – result 😀

Sooo… apparentely that was the start of drinking that I shouldn’t have done, and meeting people, that I shouldn’t do too much 😉 On Thursday I gave the talk on JEF meeting on Internet Governence. My talk topic was on Citizen Participation. Next day we supported with Kaisla the session on Data and AI Gender Gap. It was for 20 people from all around the Europe. As Kaisla said, it was an interesting experience of us – being used to being those ‘minors’ among other proffessors and post-docs – here people really appreciated what we had to say ;).

I am grateful for networking that enabled us for this connection <3 I met some really nice people, got enourmous energyu from the event, and, well, ended up having some fun evening with them, showing some typical Finnish liquers and myself learning one new one – Fisu (Fishermann something?).

Minttu and Salmiakki and shaky hands in poor light
Ah, and again, a realisation that I am missing some fun while living in Espoo, Tapiola. Fun like being chased by a girl with the inflated naked doll and asked for a cigarette. 😎

Aaaand then after the second session on Friday, we spent quite some long time on working on the grant application with my research team (amazing to be in team again!), and the working session turned late to eating and getting to know new drinks on the pirate boat session. 😀 . The drinks were super interesting and the food georgeus! Grateful for the tastes and for being in the team again and for posting stories 🙂 And for coming back with a bike – and yet experiencing some Otaniemi welcoming new academic year parties ðŸĨ° ðŸĨē

So many good memories ðŸĨē

Saturday was mostly spent on a bit cleaning and restoring. Long sleep, toooooooo much phone, blanket. Finally in the evening left for a ride to a bike. Yay, such rides makes me realize how well Espoo takes care of its inhabitants – at least in some forms. Well, I felt taken care of 🙂 Well prepared tracks, often with lights, some beautiful info-boards that makes you stop, reflect and connect with nature, schools in the forest, this is all so amazing <3 Even the car that I came across in this dark and misty day turned out to have a very pleasant lady that helped me finding a way, not a serious killer or sth ðŸĪŠ

To the sun!
Short break with a look on the sunset and a school. I saw a hill, I climbed a hill. Just like in old days ;).
First board on the health trail I decided to walk on 🙂
The mushroom on the bottom left – which is that?!
I always thought those are birches’ roots. Turns out, those are aspens’. The trees reach maximum 100 years, but the roots infrastructure can be thousands years old ðŸ˜ģ
And final view. Stopping on the bike. Breathing. Absorbing the view. The coldness. The mist. Feels like halloween. Time to fully transit into the pumpkin season!

Next, Sunday. Still having some fluctuations between happiness and sadness, still having some tiredness. Is it alcohol and too many evenings out impacting me this way? But had amazing walk + mass – in our neighbourhood, yet using the ways that I haven’t visited in ages, if at any time. (hey, it’s already more that 4 years that I live here!). Ways from today and yesterday actually do remind me the times I was cycling from Espolahti to Otaniemi on my pink fixie. That was something! And the guy who in Espoolahti admired how fast and long I traveled on fixie ðŸĨ° 😃 Anyway, Sunday was slow and peaceful. Not fully as planned, yet with some of the plans done. But maybe it’s still good enough? Sure it is!

I love mushrooms